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Aqua POP

In Aqua POP 1.5 you´ll need to shoot balls before they reach the fish mouth
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Aqua POP 1.5 is a game where you´ll need to shoot balls of the same color before they reach the fish mouth.
Like in other Zuma clones, as Luxor and a million more, you´ll have to shoot balls to groups of three or more ball of the same color, that come rolling from the top of the screen. Your weapon is on the bottom of the screen, and in the top of it you will see the color of the ball you´re about to shoot. Should you prefer to change the color of the current ball, you can press the right button of your mouse.

You will be awarded with extra point if you manage to explode more than a group of ball with one shoot. That´s called a combo.

The passing by fishes won´t interfere with your shoots, the ball will simply pass through them.

On the left you will see the color of the oncoming ball, that way you can plan where to aim immediately after shooting the current ball.

You control the shooter with the mouse, moving the aim and shooting with the left button. Or move the shooter with the arrow keys, and shoot with the SPACE key.

You can turn the sound off or on by pressing the ESC key.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s an attractive game, with calm sound and nice graphics. It´s free


  • It´s not original at all, there are tons of games that are exactly the same
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